Thursday, December 1, 2011

Has Roberto Luongo lost it?

Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo has been rather shakily over this year while backup Cory Schneider has done remarkably well. Could this be a changing of the guard in Vancouver? This blogger says yes. Over his career Luongo has never played well during October and a reason why the Canucks never had a Schneider never took over was that he wasn't "good enough" to play. Well now that he's established himself as capable and that they have a really hot goalie, is it the end for Luongo? Could he be the next Marty Turco? One really has to wonder. There is really no choice but to play Schneider under he turns cold AND when Luongo goes REALLY hot or else he turns into Turco 2.0 . What do you think? Is Luongo turning into a Turco or will it be all good in Vancouver with Luongo and his contract be back in familiar territory?

Suprise Posts!

So here at Two Bored Teens and Hockey, we like to suprise our audience, so the team here as decided to make a Christmas List for each team. So from December 10th to December 25th, we will be analyzing two teams daily to see if they could give a list to Santa what it would be! This articles will be written by a suprise writer and it will be edited by one of us! I hope you guys find this as fun as it is to us!

What happens now for the Ducks?

Now that Randy Caryle is fired, and Boudreau is a the new coach, does that mean the Bobby Ryan fiasco is over? So if you've been living under a rock for the last few days, Ex-Caps Coach Bruce Boudreau was unemployed for a grand total of 65 hours and 25 minutes. Also, Bobby Ryan has been shopped around the league.  So now that the coach is fired, is Ryan no longer being shopped? I would have to think he still is. It'd be one of those situations where the Ducks would still be talking with teams and that if for example by the Trade Deadline, the Ducks are still doing pretty bad, they would trade Ryan away to the highest bidder. So thats my take on it. We'd love to hear from you! Comment Below!