Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Canada VS Russia

We're going to try something special! We're going to try something like live blogging, editing this a lot more than usual. Also, we would love it if a conversation got going and comments on the go as well! Comment Below! :)

Russia Key To Victory: Break down the Defense, Go pick up garbage goals.
Canada Key To Victory: Keep the Russians moving, they've played 2 games in two days and will be tired.

Pre Game:
Winner gets Sweden, Loser gets Finland
The Saddledome looks electric right now
Scott Wedgewood leading the pack tonight, starting in net.
Canada looks more energized getting out of the tunnel
Scott Wedgewood is FLEXIBLE.

1st Period
Russian defender down, unable to see the last name, injuries are adding up for Russians.
Russia will be playing with three lines.
Nesterov is injured, however the stick looks like a Russian players' . Tough break for Canada.
Tough Break for Canada, Murray takes out Wedgewood and Russia scores, 1-0
Naumenkov does a stupid play and decides to push a player over.
It could have been called so many things, Cross Checking, Unsportsmalike, interference..
Great save by the goalie of the Russians. (sorry for the lack of names. They're so confusing..)
A hook? I didn't see that...
Playing Illmerica at the intermission? oh yeah!
2-0. Canada needs to calm down.
Ryan Murray must feel horrible right now.
Five on Three, Canada must convert.
four on three, Clear dive..
Keep the pressure on Russian goalie
Great Way to end the period,  Dougie Hamilton destroying a Russian player.

Second Period:
Canada starting off with a sense of urgency.
Few bad breaks for Canada.
Lots of pressure
Delayed penalty on Russia
Huge hit. Russian Injury. Another one.
Another quick goal by Russia, good hustle. 3-1
Another injury to Russia. 4th already.
Russia comes in and it's 4-1.
Wedgewood is down.
5th injury, this is getting ridiculous
Another goal for Russia 5-1
Timeout Canada

Well Alson is done for the night! Welcome to the newbie Wexler!
5-1 Russia and their power play is pressuring right now
The canadians kill off the power play till the half
Right at the end of the 2nd period the crowd loudly jeers the Canadians for their disappointing effort
Overall Canada's play in this period was mediocre and they should been less physical and should of held back on penalties. They should also deny many odd- man rushes by the defense playing more conservatively instead of the defense playing aggressively.
5-1 for the Russians and look to be the opponents of Sweden but we all remember last year when the Russians had a 3 goal deficit going into the 3rd period so Canada may repeat history to obtain this miracle!!!

3rd Period:
Canada has just killed off their 1st penalty
Brett Connolly shoves down a Russian player with no penalty...  Nice
Nice breakout by Connolly's line to start a 3 on 2 rush
Bad play by the Canadian defense after they could not hold in the puck during a high-pressure shift
Dougie Hamilton at it again with another huge hit!
Visintin knocked down behind the net and the Russians could not convert on the open net
Penalty coming to Russia for Tripping
I am really waiting for Canada to have a power play opportunity
Canada's power play is a shooting power play where the point is to get more shots than to pass but they failed to score during it
Canada allows another odd man rush letting the Russians to score another :( 6-1 Russia
Mini scrum in front of the Russian goal...  Canada is getting pissed
Right after the commercial, Canada's Dougie Hamilton scores his 2nd on the power play 6-2 Russia
That was the first power play goal the Russians allowed in the whole tournament
Canada scores another quick goal off of a Russian defender!!! 6-3 Russia
Russia calls a timeout
Many opportunities by both Russia and Canada with fast breaks and surpassingly no penalty on Canada during Russia's break
Dougie Hamilton another goal making it a close game!!!!!! 6-4 Russia  I have hope!!!!
Canada's aggressive offense draws a hooking penalty at the side of the Russian goal
Canada's power play is taking shots from the point with traffic
CANADA another power play goal!!!!!!!!!! 6-5 Russia
Canada's momentum is going to carry them to victory in this game!!!!
Russia's starting goaltender is pulled after giving up 4 goals in 5 minutes!!!
1:03 left in the 3rd, Faceoff in the Russian's side, empty net, lets see what happens!!!

Post Game:
Nice effort by Canada but they have failed to defeat the Russian in the Semi Finals
Canada will now compete against Finland for the bronze medal
As for Russia they are going to have to face the always tough Swedish team
My thoughts on the gold medal game is that Sweden will beat Russia because of their speed
But as always the IIHF Gold Medal Game is never the same without Canada

Leafs, Ducks Trade!

Breaking: Luca Caputi has been traded to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Nicolas Deschamps.

Both players have been disappointing after being drafted at such a high spot. Even though Caputi was drafted in the fourth round, he was drafted before players such as Keith Aulie, and Jamie Benn. Maybe you consider them late round gems, but consider this. Caputi was considered a 40th overall pick by some scouts. They claimed that he was a great package of both size and skill possessing a long reach, but he managed to drop into the 4th round. Teams passed on him due to his inconsistent play of edge and skill with a lack of effective hitting. He has the making of a power forward ,but will need to improve on his skating speed. At best, he projects to be a third liner on a good team, second liner at a bad team.

Nicolas Deschamps was drafted in the second round by the Anaheim Ducks. 35th overall, he was drafted ahead of players like Roman Josi, Patrice Cormier, Luke Adam, and Derek Stepan. He has the making of a good offensive center. He has shown that he is a good offensive threat in juniors where he racked up 38 goals and 96 assists in one year.  He projects to be a second line center, but many scouts do not expect him to live up to his potential.  They expect him to be an emergency NHL'er at best.

Moves like Jagr?

The Ranger's first goal, by Michael Rupp, had a lot of controversy over it because he supposedly copied Jaromir Jagr's way of celebrating a goal. Jagr wasn't angry at Rupp and he even quipped that Rupp doesn't score a lot of goals. Rupp said he did it for fun and he didn't mean to disrespect Jagr. Hmmmm, do you think he's got the Moves like Jagr? :)