Monday, March 19, 2012

Best Of The Season: Fight

To start the Best Of The Season series, we will start with fights!

Alson: For me it's gotta be Jay Rosehill vs Brian McGratten on November 17th 2011. The two enforcers came out punching. They landed a whole lot of punches just non stop. Punch after punch after punch. Knuckles were bloody after that. What made that the best fight was McGratten's taunt after the fight. Absolutely amazing. See for yourself:

Kyle: I've never seen Grabovski fight and I was very surprised that his first fight was with a veteran fighter of Chris Neil. I bet it took a lot of guts to drop the gloves with Neil and I want to acknowledge that.


This fight symbolizes how aggressive and violent but entertaining this sport is.
The part that separate this fight from others is that this fight does not stall, the fighters actaully punch each other without taking a million years to skate around the rink.


This was one of Gudbranson first fights. Downie is probably one of the grittiest player and he completely gets destroyed by Gudbranson. Just watch how many uppercuts Gudbranson throws.

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Best Of The Season

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