Friday, April 6, 2012

Playoff Teams decided

After yesterday's matchup, 16 teams have clinched playoff spots. It's been a long time since all the playoffs spots have been taken before the last day of the regular season. Here are the playoff teams in order of rankings.

Eastern Conference                                      Western Conference

New York Rangers                                        Vancouver Canucks
Boston Bruins                                               St. Louis Blues
Florida Panthers                                            Los Angeles Kings
Pittsburgh Penguins                                       Nashville Predators
Philadelphia Flyers                                        Detroit Red Wings
New Jersey Devils                                         Chicago Blackhawks
Ottawa Senators                                           San Jose Sharks
Washington Capitols                                      Phoenix Coyotes

The East standings are pretty much secured with only a Ottawa lost and Caps win on Saturday that could change the playoff matchups. The West however is more difficult because of the home-ice advantage situtation.
The Pacific Division is a mess with any of the three teams having the possibilities of taking the third seed. All in all, all 30 teams will see action Saturday. The game to watch will definitley be the Pens-Flyers game as it will be a preview of their playoff matchup and especially after the huge fiasco in their last meeting.