Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trade Deadline: Dominos falling

Finally, some trades going on.

All the GMs indicated that all it takes is one trade and the dominos will start following. After the Grossman trade, things got rolling with Moore, Gill and Kubina changing jerseys. More trades are definitely going to happen as the deadline approaches though. The JVR for Schenn trade might be over too now that Philly has added two more defensemen. I also think that there is a really good chance that Nash might actually stay in Colombus because Jackets GM has a huge asking price and not many teams would want to give up so much. This is actually like the ruutu rumours but the price was too steep again. 

Hopefully, there will be some big trades in the following weeks...

Pavel Kubina traded.

Citing multiple twitter feeds, I can confirm that Pavel Kubina HAS indeed been traded to the Philadephia Flyers for a 2nd round pick and a 5th round pick. The problem now is that the Flyers has 51 players on contract and the limit is 50. A player WILL be moved along with that or a new trade will happen.

7:08 Instead of a fifth it will be a fourth.
7:22 It will be Florida's 2012 2nd round pick from the Kris Versteeg trade and a 2013 4th round pick.
11:20 Jon Kalinski has been added along to reach the 50 contract limit. Kalinski is a projected fourth liner that can score every so often. However, his fists are pretty strong and will be a good enforcer.

Wexler: I'm gonna go with Tampa on this one because we now know that they have no intention to make the playoffs this year and are adding picks for the upcoming draft. The 2 picks today give Tampa 3 in the past two days adding to the youth on their team.
Kyle: It really depends on the picks, but I would say Philadelphia because they will go far in the playoffs and their picks are going to be late ones. Kubina can help stabilize their blue line along with Grossman.

Van Riemsdyk healthy; back in line-up

James Van Riemsdyk is officially concussion-free and back in the line up. He is still recovering, so he will join Voracek and Talbot on the Flyers' third line. With JVR back, this could mean that the Luke Schenn for Van Riemsdyk trade that was being talked about in December might take place. The trade negotiations were cancelled due to his injury, but now that he's back it's a different story.