Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Writers!

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Hurricanes and Panthers Trade

Certainly not the bang we were all expecting ,but...

Carolina Hurricanes acquire:
Evgeni Dadonov
A.J. Jenks

Florida Panthers acquire:
Jon Matsumoto
Mattias Lindstrom

9:45 It is being reported right now that Evgeni Dadonov requested the trade.

Evgeni Dadonov: Good winger. Good second line potential. Currently playing in the AHL ,but I fully expect him to play in the NHL next year. Lots of heart. Willing to go dirty in areas, small players like him usually don't. Needs to work on defensive game.

A.J. Jenks: Good Strong power forward. Will need time to develop. Will be a good power forward. Just needs time.

Jon Matsumoto: Good NHL ready third liner. Great eyes. Knows how and where to pass. Can score, but must in more effort.

Mattias Lindstrom: A lot like Tomas Holmstrom. If he works on the right things, he will turn in to one. Extremely physical, with nice HockeyIQ. Needs to work on speed. I see him as a third liner.

2012 All-Star Game Captains named

The two captains have been named for this year's all star game. Daniel Alfredsson and Zdeno Chara will take the stands as they prepare for the upcoming All-Star fantasy draft. Many questions though at the All-Star Draft. Will the Sedins twins get split up again like last year and who will go last overall. Last year, it was Phil Kessel and he's been on a tear so far this season. My predictions is that whoever gets drafted last will be in the top ten scoring in 2012-2013.

Your thoughts on the All Star game and Fantasy Draft. Comment Below!!!

2013 Winter Classic. Toronto Maple Leafs vs Detroit Red Wings?

Lots of rumors have been circulating about the Wings and the Leafs in next year's Winter Classic. According to Ansar Khan of MLive confirms that the deal with the NHL, Red Wings, and the Leafs have been finalized. I spoke to one of my sources and he has stated that he would be "very suprised" if the Wings and Leafs aren't in next year's Classic. However, Lance Horby of the Toronto Sun makes a very good point. The University of Michigan's stadium doesn't allow alcohol in to the stadium and the beer concessions are often the largest money maker after the ticket sales. This would be perfect for the people of Detroit who have been struggling since the 2008 reccession. This would provide lots of jobs for the people of Detroit and the people of Toronto will flock down to watch this in bunches.