Tuesday, December 13, 2011

LA Kings Coaching Change

Jeff Rimer the play by play announcer for Columbus Blue Jackets reports that Darryl Sutter may be on the bench as the Kings' coach by Thursday against the Blue Jackets.

Christmas Special: Columbus Blue Jackets

Team Wishlist: Jeff Carter and Steve Mason to play like they should been. Jeff Carter has done horribly this season along with Steve Mason. This leads me to conclude, Jeff Carter is still partying late at night, but instead of with Mike Richards, it is with Steve Mason. Bold prediction, we know. We stand by it. We know how it is. Jeff Carter is a bad influence. He's like the kid who doesn't be quiet in class. Steve Mason is his best buddy. The one who was a good kid turned bad. Alright maybe not that bad but you get the point. We wonder what Steve Mason and Jeff Carter would be like if they both played like how they were supposed to be.

Christmas Special: Colorado Avalance

Team Wishlist: For Semyon Varlamov to play like he was still in Washington. After coming to the Avalanche he's lost his starting job to J.S. Giguere. He's played horrible. Remember when he was the next best goalie? Him an Michael Neuvrith? The dynamic duo? Not really? Neither do we...

I bet you this was Giguere's happiest moment during this season.