Saturday, December 31, 2011

Canada VS USA WJHC Irrelevant?

Tonight's game Canada vs USA, has never been more irrelevant. Canada has already won Group B and will be getting a bye into the semifinals while USA has been eliminated from the tournament. The traditional rivalry is usually the most intresting and the funnest (is that a word? I guess we're making up words here as well..) game of the tournament. You want a few examples?
Jordan Eberle 2010 IIHF World Juniors:

That was thrilling no? Want another example? This is absolutely amazing to watch:

So Canada and USA have had their fair share of amazing-ness ,but this time it won't be a medal. It will be just for the rivalry. Nevertheless, it should still be a fun game to watch.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Ovechkin bouncing back?

Ovechkin and the Capitals just beat the Sabres with a 3-1 decision today. Ovechkin had 2 goals while Nicklas Backstrom had the last one.

Ovechkin has had 5 goals over his previous 7 games, is this a sign of him breaking out of his slump? We don't know for sure here at Two Bored Teens, but we do hope he does so we can have some more highlight reel goals from the Great 8!

USA v Czech Republic: Three Stars Of The Game

Our top three players of the game were:

Third Star: Petr Holik - I mean when you score the game winning goal you're important so he's pretty much automatically on the list.

Second Star: Bill Arnold - He was pretty much the only reason why the game was close. He scored one and assisted on the other.

First Star: Is it even close? Petr Mrazek. When you stop 50+ shots its pretty much unanimous. Except for the people who judged it apparently... He was amazing. I don't remember a better goalie performance than today. Saves, celebrations, ALMOST A GOAL. What else could you expect?

Side Note: Just had a quick chat with a source, they say the injury that caused Coyle to be out for most of the game was most likely either a concussion or that he was just knocked confused.  Hope it's neither and can get back soon.

USA vs Czech Republic Preview

What are the keys to success for Team USA at the WJHC?
Team USA: Jack Campbell needs to play like the player he played like versus Canada two years ago. Jack Campbell has the potential and has shown that he is capable of doing such a thing. Whether he does it or not is up to him. His country depends on him. He can be like the one he was versus Canada two years ago where he just dominated or the one against Denmark before. His team bailed him out though. 3 goals on 24 shots against a  weak Denmark team isn't good at all.

Keys to Success for the Czech Republic:
 Break down Jack Campbell. He does not work very well against a lot of rebounds. They need to push him to his limits on shots and finish him when the rebounds go off.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


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Since the WJHC are going on right now, we've decided to change the background to a little more timely feeling. Shoutout to Kevin Yu (@keVs_yU) for the picture idea!


Calm Down Drew Doughty!

I couldn't help post this. Drew Doughty needs to calm down on his touchy moments... After Jarret Stoll scores a goal, I don't think this was the celebration he had in mind...

Hockey Related Videos

We had some extra time so we spent some time Youtubing and we found these amazing videos that just blew our mind. The first one, The Chicago Blackhawks Sing A Long record. I actually looked online if there's such a thing.. I looked on Amazon and couldn't find it. Too bad...

This second one is amazing. It's a Team Canada commercial and it's so well done. Just watch it no words can describe my amazement.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Team Canada: Most Impressed

So far after two games who impressed the staff the most?

Scott Wedgewood: Shutout plus an assist after two periods? Yes. Drafted in the 3rd Round? Even better.
Ryan Strome: 11 Points in a game and two periods? He's something special. The Islanders have something special going.
Scott Harrington: He's not the flashiest player or the player who gets the points but he's hardworking. You won't see him that often unless you focus on him. If I were a new GM and I need to draft a team, he's definitely on it. Not that he's the guy who will get you points ,but the character leader of the team.

Who's impressed you the most? COMMENT BELOW!


Niitymaki being shopped.
Suter being viewed as available.
Nash isint being traded.
It would take an INSANE offer to get Bobby Ryan
Raycroft is on waivers, rumors say that Blue Jackets and Bolts. might pick him up.
Don't expect Randy Cunneyworth to be behind the Habs bench for too long. Rumblings say that Montreal wants a new coach. One that doesn't have to have lots of experience, but preferably Quebec born.
Once available Zach Parise is no longer available. Doubt that he resigns though.

OFFICIAL: Toronto Maple Leafs call up Korbinian Holzer from the Toronto Marlies.
Analysis: Reliable Defensive Defenseman. Third Line Defenseman. Will most likely achieve his potential.

Carolina Rebuilding

I just had a chat with one of my sources and he indicated that Carolina will go into SERIOUS rebuilding mode in the next few weeks if the slide continues. The team will most certainly trade Tom Gleason. The team most intrested in his services is Philadelphia Flyers. The return will most likely be a draft pick and a prospect. The only untouchables are Jeff Skinner, Eric Staal, and Cam Ward.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Goalie In The NHL?

The debate for the best goalie in the NHL keeps going. So were going to throw a few names to see how it goes.

From the east:
Marc Andre Fleury PIT
Tim Thomas BOS
Ryan Miller BUF
James Reimer TOR

From the west:
Jimmy Howard DET
Jonny Quick LAK
Mikka Kipprusoff CAL
Roberto Luongo VAN

What do you think? Comment Below!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Special: Washington Capitals

Bruce Boudreau has been fired, Dale Hunter has replaced him, in hope to spark the offence and Ovechkin. This has not happened (yet) but I do hope the offence starts up again because the playoffs ain't any fun without the electric Capitals :)

Team Wishlist: Get the offence going again and for Mike Green to stop getting injured so often

Fan Wishlist: Ovechkin to score more highlight reel goals (they're seriously fun to watch) :)

Christmas Special: Winnipeg Jets

Team Wishlist: Dustin Byfugelin to get better again. He was a beast until he got in the Boating thing. Yeah it was ugly.

Fan Wishlist: BRING BACK THE OLD JERSIES. These ones are ugly. I'm sorry but these are horrible. Not Islanders alternate ugly but just ugly. The old ones are very pretty. They're beautiful.

Merry Christmas!

We know the country of the people who go on our site, so with Google Translate, we'll try to make a translation for everyone! If we make the wrong translation comment below on how to say it! Also, don't blame us! Blame Google Translate!

From the team at Two Bored Teenagers and Hockey,

С праздником!
Frohe Weihnachten !
節日快樂 !
Зі святом !

Friday, December 23, 2011

Team Wishlist: Vancouver Canucks

Team Wishlist: Don't collapse in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Last year, if you watch hockey and the NHL you know what happened. The Canucks lost in game 7 and Vancouver just blew up. It was ugly people were hurt, people got a flash bang to the "baby factory", and shops were looted. I just wonder what if the Canucks won, would the same thing happen? Maybe it would be peaceful celebration? You never know...

Christmas Special: Toronto Maple Leafs

Team Wishlist: Hot Chocolate from Mrs. Claus to keep Phil Kessel and Joffery Lupul to keep them both hot. They have been the most surprising players this year. They're both the leaders in points in the NHL and both leaders in the Locker room as well. Remember when the Ducks sent him to Toronto because he wasn't producing? Yeah I think the Ducks regret it now. They gave up promising prospect Jake Gardiner as well. I can't help but think the Ducks feel cheated in some way. Anyone else agree?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Special: Tampa Bay Lightning

Team Wishlist: A goalie prospect so when Roloson turns 65 and gets old age security someone can take over. Roly is so old... I wonder if he has arthritis half way through the game or like needs a walker to move around? Just a mean little thought but you get my point right?

Christmas Special: Calgary Flames

Team Wishlist: Time Machine to go back and undo the Dion Phaneuf trade. Yes another time machine. Seems to be the "in" thing this year. Everyone wants the time machine to undo that mistake they did. The Flames are no different. The team give up Dion Phaneuf, Fredrik Sjostrom, and Keith Aulie to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Niklas Hagman, Ian White, and Jamal Mayers. Now go back to present day, what has that trade done? Mayers is in the Chicago Blackhawks, Hagman in the minors after being waived, and Ian White is playing for the Detroit Red Wings.

Now lets flip the spectrum. How has Toronto done, Phaneuf is the Captain of the historic team, Sjostrom is in Europe, and Aulie even though has been scratched in favour of Jake Gardiner is a 2nd Line Defenseman that should reach his potential. Worse comes to worse he's a third line defenseman. I'm not going to give you a conclousion. What do you think. Does Jay Feaster redo this trade?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Special: San Jose Sharks

Team Wishlist: A free pass through the first round of the playoffs. They seem to never be able to get it past the first round of the playoffs. Always at the end of the season, oh the Sharks are going to do well right? Stanley Cup Contenders for sure! Then they lose in the first round. No biggie right? Yeah maybe for one time ,but year after year it gets repetitive and it really hurts the fan base..

Christmas Special: Pittsburgh Penguins

Just before we start, we just want to say that this might be a little bias because the author is a huge Penguins fan. Just going to say that so no one freaks out at us for being biased. Huge Marc Andre Fleury fan. The Flower is a freaking beast and the future of Team Canada goalie. Just saying.

Team Wishlist: For Sidney Crosby to come back concussion free. That's all we want because when Crosby is healthy, the team is undefetable. The team is the boss. They are the team to beat. It worries the fan me, that Crosby is injured for so long. My sources tell me that he will be out for the season. Do we need another Marc Savard? Savard had so much promise and so much potential, yet a few concussions later, he's practically done. Do you know how devastated the Canadian Media would be if Crosby retired because of this? This would be the the front page of EVERY newspaper in all of Canada. Could you imagine the headlines? "Canada's golden boy of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics retires due to injuries." People would be crying on the streets, ala  Kim Jong Il. Just youtube Kim Jong Il and injury. You can see. That in Canada? Oh yeah. OK maybe not to that much of extent. But you get the point.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Special: Phoenix Coyotes

Team Wishlist: Have an actual owner aka not NHL and move to a city where they make money. The team is losing money like there's no freaking tomorrow. NHL is supporting them while they lose money. No one really goes to the game. I bet you there could be a dirty laundry convention at Arena and there would be more viewers there than at a Yotes game. Why does NHL try to lose money there. You know instead of losing money there they could just give the fans some money. I mean it's like throwing money away ,so why not just give it away. It could probably count as a charity and be tax exempt. See I just saved the NHL money. I should be the NHL's accountant. Oh wait that's a stressful job. Trying to convince Gary Bettman that Phoenix is losing money is like telling a dead cat that it's dead. It's stupid, won't make sense and is the obvious.

Christmas Special: Philadelphia Flyers

Team Wishlist: Ilya Bryzgalov to play like the $5.67 Million player he is. He's signed there till he's 40. They freaking traded away Jeff Carter and Mike Richards to sign him! Yet he's under performing. To his defense so are Carter and Richards... Bryz (yes we're calling him that. his name is too long to type) is a great goalie, but he only plays well where there's enough parks.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Special: Ottawa Senators

Team Wishlist: A good goalie that can stay for more than two years.Is it just me or do the goalies in Ottawa keep on going every year? Oh Anderson, why can't you stay longer? Ottawa just has a knack of ruining goalies. Just look at Pascal Leclaire.. What a sad story.

Wish Number II: Someone take care of Sergei Gonchar's contract. He's a talented player but he clearly just isn't playing like he should. He has his ridiculous contract ,but he won't play like it.

Christmas Special: New York Rangers

Team Wishlist: Someone to take Sean Avery. He's now the ineffective goon that doesn't really do much.. He doesn't get many points and he gets in to controversies and gets in to fights, arguments, and lawsuits. He really needs to stop it get his game on, stop getting in to suspensions and telling people to go for his "sloppy seconds".
We leave you with our favorite Sean Avery moments.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Special: New York Islanders

Team Wishlist: The "mysterious" disappearance of the insanely large contract of Rick DiPietro. He has been horrible since signing the ridiculous 15 year contract oh so many years ago. Ever since that he's had who knows how many concussions and groin injuries. I think DiPietro just gets injured on purpose so he doesn't need to go to work ,but still get paid. Remember when he was the future goalie of Team USA? Yeah those days. It's impossible for him now eh? Ryan Miller is the goalie of USA. Rick DiPietro is a quality goalie when he's not hurt. Trust me. He's actually a really good goalie,but he's just always injured. I bet Garth Snow could rip the contract if he could...

Christmas Special: New Jersey Devils

Team Wishlist: Steal Martin Brodeur from 2006 and replace the one they have now. It's certain that his best days are past him now. The Devils miss him dearly. Remember when his backup only played 3 or 4 games? Those days? Yeah they want that back.

Johan Hedberg Wishlist: Martin Brodeur to keep playing this way. He's 38. He's in his twilight as well. But he never gets to play. The child in him is probably like "its not fair! ):"

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Special: Nashville Predators

Team Wishlist: Someone who can score goals. Period. When your top goal getter has 8. and is ranked 103rd in goals in the NHL. You need goal scorers. Not saying thats bad when you have 6 guys who have 8 goals but you need someone to be getting at least 10 or 11 by now right?

Christmas Special: Montreal Canadiens

Team Wishlist: Andrei Markov to have a robotic knee. Markov is a GREAT player.  When he's healthy. That's the important thing. When was the last time he played 82 games was 2007-2008. Before that, never. Besides 2007-2008 he's never played a full 82 games in the NHL. His knee keeps on getting injured... Heck he's so good he could play for Team Canada. But. He gets injured too much.
Dear Santa, Can Andrei Markov have a robotic knee for Christmas?


Kyle Turris for David Rundblad and a second round pick.
Turris had been the talk of trades all season since he signed the deal. Now he has signed the contract and he has been dealt away.
As always, the talent analysis:
David Rundbland: First Line potential who should reach it. Worse comes to worse. He's a second line guy.
Kyle Turris: First Line to Elite Potential who should reach it as well. Worse comes to worse. He's a second to first line guy.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Special: Minnesota Wild

Team Wishlist: An anti-time machine (is there such thing?). Like you know how Time Machines go fast in time? Right? Yeah it goes super fast and stuff? Well like slows down time is what this Anti-Time Machine will do. The Wild are first in the NHL in points surprisingly and no doubt enjoying this run eh? The team has done admirably with Josh Harding and Nicklas Backstrom in net. Only time will tell how they do.

Christmas Special: LA Kings

Team Wishlist: Players to wake up, get a Darryl Sutter. This is only applied to Dean Lombardi because apparently, they're best buds. So I guess one best bud wants to be near another one? I SENSE BROMANCE. But besides this budding bromance, the problem with team isin't that it's bad or it's injured.The team is great, Dustin Brown in the front Drew Doughty in the D, and Quick manning the last defense, but the team just isin't doing well. So what does the team need? I say some coffee. Caffeine never hurts right?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Special: Florida Panthers

Team Wishlist: Some fans and some love for the team. The team is doing pretty well. Erik Gudbranson is very exciting to watch. He's gritty, hits, and fights like a man. The team is built pretty well, but players like Scotty Upshall just aren't preforming to standards. So if some players step up, we can see more of this: which the fans like us like as well.. dont deny it. Its a great fight with the uppercuts.

Christmas Wishlist: Edmonton Oilers

Team Wishlist: Ryan Hugent-Hopkins (RHN) to win the Calder. This one is probably the easiest to do. RHN (we're calling him that. his full name is too much to write.) is still the team leader in points and he's only 18. He could have played for Canada at the World Juniors but it was kind of obvious that he won't be. He is the hands down favourite to win the Trophy this year. The team probably wishes right now is 2013. They have a nice young core of Hall, Eberle, and RHN. They don't really need to do much but let these players develop like how they should. The Oileres are doing well developing them, they always have, and I fully expect them to be a Stanley Cup contending team in just a few years. So I guess Santa can go easy on this one. He can borrow Paul Gaustad's right? You know children, sharing is caring!

Fan Wishlist: Develop Devan Dubnyk. He played well last year and this year lost the job to a hot goalie in Nikolai Khabibulin. He's doing well but he's gettin old. The Oilers are a hip, young team, but this old goalie is not letting the goalie of the future develop.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Special: Detroit Red Wings

Team Wishlist: Jimmy Howard getting some fame. This was a topic on 's Backhand Shelf. Host Rob Pizzo highlighted Howard's stats, he's the league leader in wins, a nice .932 save percentage, 3 shutouts and  a sexy 1.82 GAA. He's a great goalie statwise, yet we don't think of him as a top 5 goalie. How come? This just doesn't make sense. You'd have to think the Red Wings wish that they'd want Howard to get more fame.

Nicklas Lidstrom: Have the announcers call him Nicklas not Dicklas (its immature ,but its really funny :) ) Also, I can bet you Lidstrom wished he got his left nut back..

"Inquiring minds wanted to know why Detroit’s incomparable defenceman Nick Lidstrom missed the final two games of the Western Conference final between the Red Wings and Chicago. The media spoke only of the ubiquitous “lower-body” injury. And when Lidstrom appeared tired and mistake-prone in the Final against Pittsburgh, questions were raised again about his fitness to play. Was it an ankle? A knee? Under the NHL’s Orwellian injury disclosure policy, a postal-code approximation of the hurt was all that was given to the media.
Actually, Lidstrom had a damaged testicle from being pitch-forked by Chicago’s Patrick Sharp in Game 3 of the Western final. He needed all the time between the cheap shot and Game One of the final to rehab the injury. As Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story”. - A. Issac of

Christmas Special: Dallas Stars

Team Wishlist: Get Kari Lehtonen back. Simple as that. Nothing fancy like Paul Gaustad and his time machines. Just Kari Lehtonen back. Before he got injured, his record was a freaking amazing 13-4-1. His GAA was 2.34. That's AMAZING. Could you imagine if Lehtonen got hurt blocking a shot? I suppose something like this:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

LA Kings Coaching Change

Jeff Rimer the play by play announcer for Columbus Blue Jackets reports that Darryl Sutter may be on the bench as the Kings' coach by Thursday against the Blue Jackets.

Christmas Special: Columbus Blue Jackets

Team Wishlist: Jeff Carter and Steve Mason to play like they should been. Jeff Carter has done horribly this season along with Steve Mason. This leads me to conclude, Jeff Carter is still partying late at night, but instead of with Mike Richards, it is with Steve Mason. Bold prediction, we know. We stand by it. We know how it is. Jeff Carter is a bad influence. He's like the kid who doesn't be quiet in class. Steve Mason is his best buddy. The one who was a good kid turned bad. Alright maybe not that bad but you get the point. We wonder what Steve Mason and Jeff Carter would be like if they both played like how they were supposed to be.

Christmas Special: Colorado Avalance

Team Wishlist: For Semyon Varlamov to play like he was still in Washington. After coming to the Avalanche he's lost his starting job to J.S. Giguere. He's played horrible. Remember when he was the next best goalie? Him an Michael Neuvrith? The dynamic duo? Not really? Neither do we...

I bet you this was Giguere's happiest moment during this season.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Special: Chicago Blackhawks

Team Wishlist: Get back Brian Campbell and his ridicouly large contract. Before I start getting ripped just see his stats. They're freaking amazing. The team has a great everything else. Just an okay defense corps though. So what if they had a beast defense corps as well? Could you imagine how good that'd be?


Christmas Special: Carolina Hurricanes

Team Wishlist: Some leadership and some scoring from Eric Staal. With Marc Staal injured and people blaming his brother, you would have to think Eric is just a little worried for his brother. You would have to think this worry is hindering his play. Also, there hasn't been that veteran leadership from anyone since Rod Brind'Amour was captain. We'll see how the season plays out!

News Update

Breaking News: Terry Murray has been relieved of his duty as LA Kings Head Coach. John Stevens will be replacing him on an interm basis. Sources tell us that it is unlikely he will stay as head coach. There has been speculation that he will be replaced. I have also been told that if he is to be replaced it will be for Daryl Sutter or Randy Carlyle.

Trade: The Anaheim Ducks have traded Kurtis Foster and Timo Pielmeier to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for Rod Pelley, Mark Fraser, and a 7th Round Pick.

Talent Analysis:
Timo Pielmeier: Projected as a back up goalie with unstable potential. Has some flaws. Could be a good back up goalie or a top goalie prospect. Example: Scott Clemmensen or Alex Auld

Mark Fraser: Projected 5,6,7 D-Man. Not many flaws. Could be a third line defenseman or top AHL defenseman.

Rod Pelley: ^ Read above.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Special: Buffalo Sabres

Team Wishlist: Milan Lucic and Jordin Tootoo's heads on a stick. This was pretty obvious to most of us here at TwoBoredTeens. We wonder what would happen if someone else decides to run Miller over... Do the benches clear? Does Ryan Miller go HULK SMASH! ? So many questions...

Paul Gaustad's Wishlist: Get a time machine and go back in time to fight with Milan Lucic when he ran over Miller.

Source :

Christmas Special: St Louis Blues

This is by Andrew Allsman, owner of True Blues ( You should check it out! It's a great read!

Christmas Wishlist: St. Louis Blues
By: Andrew Allsman!/TrueBlueBlogger

The Blues have already received an early christmas present with the return of David Perron who before returning, missed the last 97 games, but what other presents are the Blues looking for?

  • Stay Healthy- I don't think I can emphasize how key this really is, especially for a team that has been plagued by injuries the past 2 seasons.  The Blues (as mentioned above) now have a healthy David Perron, and only 3 key players remain injured (McDonald, Huskins, and Crombeen).  If the Blues remain healthy, they are as dangerous as any team in the Western conference.

  • Get the PP going- The Blues powerplay has been dreadful this season, and its the main reason why they are not at the top of the Western conference.  The Blues sit dead last in the entire league with a pathetic 10.4% conversion rating on the PP.  Under Hitchcock the Blues have remained inconsistent on the PP execution, but in recent games they appear to be getting more chances and eventually those chances will convert to goals.

  • Finalize deal with a new owner- Whether that new owner will be Matthew Hulsizer or someone different, this is a huge step for the Blues organization moving forward.  The Blues are playing their best hockey in, well, a long time.  So its great to imagine the kind of record they could post with the funds to sign another "big name" player.  The deadline for Hulsizer to buy the club is December 31st, and its speculated that a deal will be done before than so this could truly be a "Christmas present" for the Notes.

  • T.J. Oshie remains consistent- T.J. Oshie has arguably been the most consistent Blues player of late with 9 goals, 10 assists, and 19 pts. in this still young season.  If he keeps up his tenacious checking and his stellar puck handling then he will make the Blues that much better.

The Blues have a lot to be thankful for, and with the addition of these "gifts" they could be one of the most dominant teams in the league.  Hopefully the holiday season remains kind to the Blues as they embark on their journey to the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the ultimate prize, Lord Stanley's Cup.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Exciting Announcement For The Christmas Wishlist!

The writers here at TwoBoredTeens are excited to announce that for the Christmas Wishlist St. Louis Blues edition, we will be collaborating with Andrew Allsman, the owner and writer of True Blues Blog! He is an experienced writer with lots to offer!

You can follow him on twitter! @TrueBlueBlogger
Check out his blog! It's a great read! 

Christmas Special: Boston Bruins

Team Wishlist: A bag of fairy dust to give them the luck they’ll need to repeat as Stanley Cup champions since the Detroit Red Wings did it in 1996 – 1997. Come on, who doesn't want to win another Stanley Cup? If you don't you're in the wrong freaking league... Also, for Tyler Seguin to wake up earlier and eat breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day right?

Author's thoughts: I wonder if players get in trouble for eating the wrong things at breakfast. I wonder if like Tim Thomas gets a stern talking to if he eats Frosted Flakes instead of Cheerios?


Christmas Special: Anaheim Ducks

Wishlist from the team: Scott Niedermayer to come out of retirement and go play for them. He's only 38 right? Instead of Francois Beauchemin and Cam Fowler could you imagine Niedermayer and Beauchemin playing together? That's one great lineup...

Side Note from the writers- Niedermayer is only 38? He looks older than Chris Chelios...

Wishlist from the writers: Bring back the old logo! This new one looks not as good as the other one!
Anaheim Ducks
Does the first one not look as bad? BRING BACK THE ORIGINALS!

Christmas Special Intro.

So as stated before we have a "Christmas special" for all our readers. If you're hoping it's the writers making an awkward video talking about the spirit of togetherness and giving gifts, you can keep dreaming. That has nothing to do with hockey (maybe next year if we hit 2500 views we'll make a video?). To continue we have a full set of hockey "Christmas lists" ready and we will be posting two of them a day until December 24th ! They are all written by the writers at TwoBoredTeens in collaboration with a new writer named Geoffrey aka Geodude Monsters.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading it as much as we had fun writing it.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Jaroslav Spacek for Tomas Kaberle. Why?

Today the Montreal Canadiens traded Jaroslav Spacek to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for Tomas Kaberle. Tomas Kaberle played his first 898 games in a Toronto Maple Leafs uniform. However, in nine months, he has played for four teams. First one was the Leafs of course, then the Bruins, signed with the Hurricanes, and finally traded to the Canadiens today. So many people asked why, trading such a newly signed player couldn't be that good for Canes GM Jim Rutherford's reputation. The reason was that the Cane's are still struggling under a new coach and that Rutherford knew that a change had to be made. In the Canadiens' point of view, the PP have been struggling tremendously. For a team that has been historically very strong on the man advantage, they have done very bad this season. They have only scored 10 goals on the powerplay. The only teams that have scored fewer powerplay goals are the St. Louis Blues and the Phoenix Coyotes. Kaberle is an established point man to quarterback the powerplay and will be taking over that role immediately.

Who is the winner of the trade? Comment Below!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crosby Injured AGAIN?

Sidney Crosby is injured again. There are rumors is that it's ANOTHER concussion. There were orginial rumors that his run in with Chris Kunitz may have caused it, however there are also rumors that his hit with David Krejci may have caused it as well. However, there is hope that Crosby isin't injured because he has passed the NHL's concussion baseline test, imPACT. However, as a precaution, he will be sitting out the next two games. What do you think? Injured again or just a precaution? Comment Below!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Change of Conferences

So yesterday night, it was voted 26-4 that the league be split up into four, instead of two. As a fan this leaves a lot of questions. Why is Florida and Tampa in the same conference as Toronto? Would it not be smarter to put them in the conference with Pittsburgh and Washington and have the New Yorks put in the same conference? Overall I think this makes in confusing ,but might make it interesting in a way.

On a side note, there are rumors that the conferences will be sponsored? Could you imagine the Apple Conference  vs the Microsoft Conference or the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Conference vs the Becel Butter Conference?

So what do you think about it? Conference change. Yay or Nay? Any interesting ideas about conference names? COMMENT BELOW!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jordin Tootoo. Vicious or Accidental?

The first game back for Ryan Miller since the concussion caused by Milan Lucic hitting him and Jordin Tootoo of the Nashville Predators is going in on him to get ready to score. In the last second Christian Erhoff is closing in on him. To some it looks like Erhoff pushes him at the last second, to some it looks like he's getting ready to hit him. He gets in and pushes him. Luckily, Paul Gaustad is on the ice and doesn't need to spend a week and a half getting ready to get revenge. He tries to jump on Tootoo, but before that happens Ryan Miller is already on the case punching him in the face (was I the only one who thought the punch from Miller looks like Bertuzzi punching Steve Moore? Not saying it was as devastating but the first initial punch looks pretty close... Too close for my comfort.). Eventually everyone dog piles each other the dog piles opens up with the hugs and Gaustad and Tootoo are still pushing.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

NHL Team in Markham. Is it possible?

Recent rumblings from the hockey world have been targeting a new area. Markham, Ontario. Is a NHL team possible there? Yes. Would it be sustainable? No. The Toronto Maple Leafs are the most valuable team in the NHL according to Forbes Magazine. As much as us fans want to think otherwise, the NHL is a business. The main purpose of a business is to make money. A new NHL team in Markham would hurt the sales of tickets in Detroit, Ottawa, Buffalo, and Toronto especially. The Toronto Marlies would almost automatically have to relocate due to the impossible situation to make money. The Toronto Maple Leafs would ask for an INSANE amount for a relocation fee. Sources estimate it to be at least $60 Million (just like Winnipeg) and $20 per ticket. This circumstances make it impossible for a team to survive.

What would a new team in Markham do socially? Markham is a rapidly expanding area with a lot of new immigrants coming in each year. A team in Markham would show them a part of Canadian culture. Something we hold dearly to our hearts, hockey. Even though there are social benefits the economic worries are just too much to overlook. After all, the NHL is a business.

What do you think? Could Markham sustain a team? Comment Below!

The Capitals finally won!

The Capitals finally won a game under Dale Hunter! Even though it was overtime, a win is still a win! I couldn't watch the game as I had some homework to do, I also couldn't watch the highlights as I missed them. I believe Dale Hunter is the right guy to lead the Capitals back to their previous dominance over the Eastern Conference! What do you think? Leave your response down at the comments!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

David Perron, Welcome Back!

The last time David Perron was on the ice was November 4th 2010. He was on the ice as Joe Thornton had hit him and he had a concussion. He didn't play in an 95 straight NHL games. Until tonight. December 3rd 2011 against the Chicago Blackhawks. When he stepped on to the ice, the thunderous roar of the crowd was unmistakable, David Perron was back. It was Perronmas!

First game, first shot. IT'S A GOALLLL! Watching this I said to myself David Perron, Welcome Back!

So what do you think? David Perron's back! how do you feel?

Who Starts Tonight for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

So as you might have heard, James Reimer has been activated off the Injured Reserve list. Toronto has a game tonight with the Boston Bruins as well, a team that they have been dying to beat. Up till today, it was Jonas Gustavsson that was scheduled to start. However, today it has seemed like James Reimer will be starting. Do you think that Toronto is doing the right thing by putting Reimer in so quickly after such a bad injury? Or did Ron Wilson do the right thing?
Just a side note.. Boston has a history of killing goalies.. AKA Ryan Miller...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Are the Capitals losing their fire?

As you may know, the Capitals have been heavily criticised for their past month or so, especially Alexander Ovechkin. I am a Caps fan and I'm quite disappointed about their play as well. Firing Boudreau did nothing as they have lost their last 2 games by the same score 2-1. Is it time for Ovechkin and the capitals to part ways? Do they need a proven coach? Let me know in the comments below!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Has Roberto Luongo lost it?

Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo has been rather shakily over this year while backup Cory Schneider has done remarkably well. Could this be a changing of the guard in Vancouver? This blogger says yes. Over his career Luongo has never played well during October and a reason why the Canucks never had a Schneider never took over was that he wasn't "good enough" to play. Well now that he's established himself as capable and that they have a really hot goalie, is it the end for Luongo? Could he be the next Marty Turco? One really has to wonder. There is really no choice but to play Schneider under he turns cold AND when Luongo goes REALLY hot or else he turns into Turco 2.0 . What do you think? Is Luongo turning into a Turco or will it be all good in Vancouver with Luongo and his contract be back in familiar territory?

Suprise Posts!

So here at Two Bored Teens and Hockey, we like to suprise our audience, so the team here as decided to make a Christmas List for each team. So from December 10th to December 25th, we will be analyzing two teams daily to see if they could give a list to Santa what it would be! This articles will be written by a suprise writer and it will be edited by one of us! I hope you guys find this as fun as it is to us!

What happens now for the Ducks?

Now that Randy Caryle is fired, and Boudreau is a the new coach, does that mean the Bobby Ryan fiasco is over? So if you've been living under a rock for the last few days, Ex-Caps Coach Bruce Boudreau was unemployed for a grand total of 65 hours and 25 minutes. Also, Bobby Ryan has been shopped around the league.  So now that the coach is fired, is Ryan no longer being shopped? I would have to think he still is. It'd be one of those situations where the Ducks would still be talking with teams and that if for example by the Trade Deadline, the Ducks are still doing pretty bad, they would trade Ryan away to the highest bidder. So thats my take on it. We'd love to hear from you! Comment Below!