Monday, June 25, 2012

Notes Of The Day June 25th 2012

  • Formal CBA will start very quickly after Wendesday's NHLPA meetings.
  • @APortzline was reporting that the Blue Jackets were offered all of the New York Islanders' picks to move up two spots in the draft.
  • It looked like Nash to Ottawa was a done deal, but apparently, Ottawa is not on Nash's list and is holding up the deal.
  • So much for the Pavlec going to KHL rumors. He's signed a new deal for 5 years worth $19.5M. According to Bob McKenzie of TSN it breaks down to $3.25M for year one, $3.5M for year two, $3.75M for year three, $4.25M for year four, and $4.75M for year five. This is interesting seeing that there were rumors the KHL offered him $5M tax free...