Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Special: Washington Capitals

Bruce Boudreau has been fired, Dale Hunter has replaced him, in hope to spark the offence and Ovechkin. This has not happened (yet) but I do hope the offence starts up again because the playoffs ain't any fun without the electric Capitals :)

Team Wishlist: Get the offence going again and for Mike Green to stop getting injured so often

Fan Wishlist: Ovechkin to score more highlight reel goals (they're seriously fun to watch) :)

Christmas Special: Winnipeg Jets

Team Wishlist: Dustin Byfugelin to get better again. He was a beast until he got in the Boating thing. Yeah it was ugly.

Fan Wishlist: BRING BACK THE OLD JERSIES. These ones are ugly. I'm sorry but these are horrible. Not Islanders alternate ugly but just ugly. The old ones are very pretty. They're beautiful.

Merry Christmas!

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From the team at Two Bored Teenagers and Hockey,

С праздником!
Frohe Weihnachten !
節日快樂 !
Зі святом !