Monday, February 27, 2012

Winners of the Deadline

Montreal/Nashville Trade:
Nashville gets: Andrei Kostitsyn
Montreal gets: 2nd round pick (2013) and a 5th round conditional pick (2013)

Wexler: Montreal because they got rid of Kostitsyn, another older player and are starting to shape up to be a younger team (P.K. Subban, Lars Eller, Max Pacioretty & many picks). Kostitsyn doesn't seem to be able to help the Preds deep into the playoffs.  
Alson: Draft Pick are just so hard to analyze. If Andrei continues at his pace Nashville wins, but for now, Montreal wins.
Mahbod: Nashville because Andrei can now play with his brother Sergei and thier chemistry will produce lots of points.
Kyle: I'm going with Nashville because statistically, a 2nd round pick has a 25-30% chance of making the NHL and Andrei is already an NHLer so it really depends if Montreal gets lucky with the draft picks.
G Tai: Nashville. I think that Nashville added better offense and look good for a deep playoff run.

Tampa/Detroit Trade:
Tampa gets: Mike Commodore
Detroit gets: 7th round conditional pick (2013)
Alson: Hands down. Tampa wins. They barely gave up anything. Yes I know Commodore barely played. However, most 7th round picks reach the NHL do they?
Kyle: Tampa Bay because Commodore can already play in the NHL but the 7th round pick would probably be a career minor leaguer... Congrats to Steve Yzerman for making this deal.
Wexler: 1st of all, the 7th round pick would probably be cut in training camp and become a free agent. Tampa wins for sure even if they added a new scratch to their lineup.
Mahbod: Tampa Bay. Mike Commodore is a solid player, but a conditional seventh round pick for him is just like, "here just take him." They technically got Commodore for free.
G Tai: Tampa Bay, who doesn't want a free defensemen?

Minnesota/Edmonton Trade:
Minnesota gets: Tom Gilbert
Edmonton gets: Nick Schultz

Kyle: Can't really say... both are big defencemen that don't really put up much points.
Mahbod: Minnesota wins. Tom Gilbert in my opinion is better than Nick Schultz. Schultz is just a big bodied defenceman but Gilbert can actually move the puck around.
Alson: Two great players, I don't know this one...
Wexler: The Wild just because I think that Gilbert will break out and play better with a better club.
G Tai: I'm going to say minnesota because they do some production from their defense since Burns left.

Toronto/Tampa Trade:
Toronto gets: Carter Ashton
Tampa gets: Keith Aulie

Mahbod: Toronto. Ashton has not yet played an NHL game but he's only 20 and has a lot of potential. Future top 6 for Toronto.
Wexler: Carter Ashton is never going to be a top 6 forward but he does sound alot more interesting on paper than Keith Aulie. Toronto wins here.
Kyle: Toronto because Ashton is a future first liner with Toronto who can put up points and has a big body to deliver crushing checks. Aulie never had a place with Toronto's many defencemen and he doesn't put up many points.
Alson: Toronto. They needed a big guy to play for them, Ashton's their man. Toronto also has so many defenseman it doesn't hurt to spare one.
G Tai: Toronto, they needed a big forward and they get one

San Jose/Colorado Trade:
San Jose gets: Daniel Winnik, T.J. Galiardi, a 7th round pick (2012)
Colorado gets: Jamie McGinn, Mike Sgarbossa, Mike Connolly

Wexler: San Jose because Galiardi is a very underrated player especially because of his unknown scoring ability.
Kyle: San Jose because Winnik and Galiardi can add scoring to their already potent offence of Jumbo Joe and Marleau. McGinn doesn't score as much as either of those two and I haven't even heard of those 2 prospects.
Alson: San Jose. They barely gave up anything for two future studs.
Mahbod: Colorado, because Jamie McGinn is a guy who can be a grinder while being a full-on scorer. He's fast, young and great to play the 3rd line on the Avalanche with David Jones.
G Tai: San Jose because they added NHLers instead of possible NHLers

Tampa/Ottawa Trade:
Tampa gets: Brian Lee
Ottawa gets: Matt Gilroy

Kyle: Who are these guys?
Alson: Another toss up. I don't know this one...
Mahbod: Ottawa. Matt Gilroy is a two-way player that sometimes plays 4th line left wing when there is an injury. Also, he's big which is always good right?
Wexler: Tampa for sure because Lee is a great player for penalty killing. He might have some good chemistry with other players in Tampa...
G Tai: Ottawa, Brian Lee is pretty much a draft bust and gilroy has more offensive on his stick

Vancouver/Columbus Trade:
Vancouver gets: Samuel Pahlsson
Columbus gets: 4th round pick (2012), 4th round pick (2012)

Alson: Vancouver wins this one. I would have expected Pahlsson to be traded for something like a 2nd and a 5th.
Mahbod: Vancouver wins. Two 4th round picks won't do anything. You might land 2 Steven Reinprecht (who?) type players with them. Pahlsson is a veteran with a lot of experience to bring to the young Canucks.
Wexler: Vancouver because they added some more depth upfront as well as a veteran Stanley Cup winner.
Kyle: Vancouver because 2 fourth round picks wont get you 2 NHL calibre players.
G Tai: Vancouver because of his faceoff ability and the picks are pretty much worthless.

Chicago/Winnipeg Trade:
Chicago gets: Johnny Oduya
Winnipeg gets: 2nd round pick (2013), 3rd round pick (2013)

Mahbod: Winnipeg because I think a second rounder would have been enough for Oduya. He's gonna end up on the 3rd line of defence, if he plays at all. Chicago already has 6 good defencemen: Keith, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson, Leddy, Boynton, Lepisto and exciting rookie Dylan Olson who plays the first line with Keith sometimes. 
Wexler: Chicago because they are just adding to their already tough defense without giving up much, I thought Oduya was worth a bit more than a 2nd & a 3rd.
*which does not have any holes to fill in

Kyle: Chicago because they desperately needed more defencemen and Oduya fits the role.
Alson: Winnipeg. They already claimed Clitisome to replace him so by giving him up for picks they are just helping their future.
G Tai: Winnipeg because they are really growing as a young team and could use those picks in trades or draft.

Boston/NY Islanders Trade:
Boston gets: Brian Rolston, Mike Mottau
NY Islanders get: Yannick Riendeau, Marc Cantin

Wexler: Islanders because they are rebuilding and it helps to bring in players in their early 2o's and ship players in their 30's. I can see them adding another young piece during the off season and doing well next year.
Kyle: Islanders because they freed up a ton of cap space by trading away Rolston and Mottau.
Alson: Neither. Boston gets old contracts while New York gets salary cap relief... But if I had to Boston wins because they get a veteran presence..
Mahbod: Boston. Rolston and Mottau are nice third and fourth liners while Riendeau and Cantin are just minor leaguers.
G Tai: Boston because they get what they wanted with Horton and Peverley and Boychuk out

Nashville/Buffalo Trade:
Nashville gets: Paul Gaustad, 4th round pick (2013)
Buffalo gets: 1st round pick (2012)

Kyle: Buffalo because Gaustad is not worth a first round pick. He is an ageing forward with little scoring touch.
Alson: Buffalo wins this one. The reported asking price was a 1st rounder. They got their asking price minus a little bit. Not too often players get traded for asking price.
Mahbod: Nashville because Gaustad will play with the Kostitsyns and they will put up a lot of points.
Wexler: Buffalo!!! This is one of the trades that made me think they were the winners of the deadline. 
G Tai: Nashville because they get grit, offense and faceoff prescence

Boston/Minnesota Trade:
Boston gets: Greg Zanon
Minnesota gets: Steve Kampfer

Alson: Minnesota won this one. I feel Kampfer will have a good career and that he will be a consistent top 4 defenseman in a year or two.
Mahbod: Minnesota. Kampfer is young and has a lot of potential. Good future ahead of him.
Wexler: Minnesota because Zanon & Zidlicky are now both out of the franchise clearing up a lot of cap space. The expensive Z's will take there contracts to teams in the playoff picture.
Kyle:Minnesota because Kampfer is a good puck moving defencemen and those are hard to come by in the NHL
G Tai: Minnesota because like what Kyle said, you need a defensemen who can contribute on the offense

NY Rangers/Chicago Trade:
NY Rangers get: John Scott
Chicago gets: 5th round pick (2012)

Mahbod: John Scott is a nice tough guy defenseman that can play left wing. He is worth a 5th round pick. He will just add toughness to the already tough Rangers.
Wexler: John Scott is an exciting player to watch!!! Coming to my Rangers!!! Rangers are my winners in the blink of an eye.
Kyle: Never heard of John Scott... so Chicago for getting the 5th round pick.
Alson: Chicago. They get rid of an enforcer. They can use the 5th round pick to a good use.
G Tai: I know he's big but that's all I know about him. Can't comment on this

Toronto/Anaheim Trade:
Toronto gets: Mark Fraser
Anaheim gets: Dale Mitchell

Wexler: Toronto because Dale Mitchell was getting boring over at the Ricoh Coliseum!
Kyle: Anaheim because Fraser can't score, even at the AHL level and has no NHL experience. Mitchell has some NHL experience and was decent last year for the NJ Devils (26 GP, 2A, +2)
Alson: Toronto. Even though they both wont be stars, Mark Fraser plays a more composed game with a good checking skill. Dale Mitchell has a better shot and better stability ,but lets his emotions get over him sometimes.
Mahbod: Toronto. Mark Fraser is a hard hitting defenceman that can fill in for injury prone players like JML and Komisarek.
G Tai: Going to go against the home team and say Anahiem. Dale Mitchell's been in the sysem for a long time and all he needs is a chance.

Vancouver/Buffalo Trade:
Vancouver gets: Zack Kassian, Marc-Andre Gragnani
Buffalo gets: Cody Hodgson, Alexander Sulzer

Kyle: Vancouver because they got a big forward in Kassian and a possible future all star in Gragnani. Although Hodgson is a great player, I think Kassian and Gragnani are better.
Alson: Oh, the big deal of the day. I think Vancouver wins this one. Even though Buffalo got the center they wanted to replace Gaustad, Vancouver got their tough winger, plus a defenseman that I feel will make a difference in Vancouver, especially with Ballard injured.
Mahbod: Buffalo. Hodgson is already at more than 32 points in his rookie year. Potential everywhere.
Wexler: Buffalo!!! Hodgson is going to become a star there and all that Buffalo needs is one more top 4 wing (Hint... on the Blackhawks...) and they will be a huge playoff contender for the next 5 years.
G Tai: Vancouver because Gragnani is young and if he plays like last year's playoff, this is a steal.

Vancouver/Anaheim Trade:
Vancouver gets: Andrew Gordon
Anaheim gets: Sebastian Erixon
Alson: Anaheim wins this one. Erixon is a smooth defenseman that needs to show consistency if he shows consistency, he will be a good defenseman for the Ducks.
Mahbod: Vacnouver. Andrew Gordon is an all in one package. He is a utility two-way grinding power forward who scores and makes plays. Just not at a large scale.
Wexler:  Vancouver because I can see Gordon to be the same type of players as a David Steckel but I really cannot see Erixon doing much.
Kyle: Vancouver because they get neither of them have a lot of NHL experience but Gordon has more and can be a fourth liner and add some grit to the Canucks
G Tai: Vancouver because they need more grit like last year. 

Trade Overview

Here's an overview on the 2012 trade deadline

Biggest Trade

Cody Hodgson and Alexander sulzer to Buffalo for Zach Kassian and M-A Garagani.
- cody hodgson was in the run for the Calder Trophy and all of a sudden he gets traded. But the X-factor of this trade might actually be the two forwards but Garagani. He played amazing during the playoffs and has been struggling so far this year. puck moving defensemen are rare so he might make or break this trade.

Worst Trade

Paul Gaustad and 4th round pick to Nashville for a 1st round pick.
- what is buffalo thiniking. they are the smallest team in the entire league and they decide to get even smaller. they trade away Zach kassian (6-3) and Paul Gaustad (6-5) and they just lost all size up front. Buffalo completely loses out on this trade but they better draft a big forward in the up coming draft.

Trade that didn't happen.

obvioulsy the nash rumours. there was so much hype about Nash and he doesn't get traded. jackets GM Howson said Nash asked for a trade but there wasn't an offer that was good for the organization. rumours says that nash isn't changing the list so the nash rumours will come back on during Free Agency

More thoughts

less trades than last year (15 this year, 16 last year). two hours between first deadline trade and second one. 
Teams that stayed out - Calgary, Washington, Philly, pittsburgh, carolina, dallas


2013 2nd Round Pick Andrei Kostitsyn
2013 Conditional 5th Round Pick

Mike Commodore 2013 Conditional 7th Round Pick

Nick Schultz Tom Gilbert

Carter Ashton Keith Aulie

Daniel Winnik Jamie McGinn
TJ Galiardi Mike Sgarbossa
7th Round Pick Mike Connolly

Brian Lee Matt Gilroy

Samuel Pahlsson Fourth round pick (2013)
Fourth round pick (2014)

Johnny Oduya 2nd round pick (2013)
3rd round pick (2013)

Brian Rolston TBA
Mike Motteau

Paul Gaustad 1st Round Pick
4th Round Pick
Greg Zanon Steve Kampfer

Alex Sultzer Marc-Andre Gragnani
Codyt Hodgson Zack Kassian

John Scott 5th Round Pick

Mark Fraser Dale Mitchell

Andrew Gordon Sebastien Erixon



Montreal has claimed Brad Stabuitz from the Winnipeg Jets.
Winnipeg has claimed Grant Clitisome from the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Cleared Waivers:
Krys Kolanos (CGY)
Ryan Russell (CBJ)
Brian Rolston (NYI)

Deadline Talks and Rumblings.

Leafs GM Brian Burke was offered a deal for James Reimer and he said no.
Detroit in on Pahlsson.
Bruins and Jets in on Oduya.
After conversation with Jim Johnson Vokoun has left the ice.
Flames and Sharks in on Gaustad but no team willing to give 1st Rounder.
Habs wanted rights to Radulov but got pick instead.
Rumored JVR for Niemi.
Dallas may be interested in Kulemin
Jason Garrison is available. Trade may be imminent.
PA Parenteu wants to stay in New York but may not be an option.
Rick Nash's  banner has been off since 9:30 AM this morning.
Clitisome's waiver claim by WPG most likely means Oduya will be traded.
NYR interested in Edmonton's Theo Peckham.
Bruins honing in on David Jones