Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Special: Minnesota Wild

Team Wishlist: An anti-time machine (is there such thing?). Like you know how Time Machines go fast in time? Right? Yeah it goes super fast and stuff? Well like slows down time is what this Anti-Time Machine will do. The Wild are first in the NHL in points surprisingly and no doubt enjoying this run eh? The team has done admirably with Josh Harding and Nicklas Backstrom in net. Only time will tell how they do.

Christmas Special: LA Kings

Team Wishlist: Players to wake up, get a Darryl Sutter. This is only applied to Dean Lombardi because apparently, they're best buds. So I guess one best bud wants to be near another one? I SENSE BROMANCE. But besides this budding bromance, the problem with team isin't that it's bad or it's injured.The team is great, Dustin Brown in the front Drew Doughty in the D, and Quick manning the last defense, but the team just isin't doing well. So what does the team need? I say some coffee. Caffeine never hurts right?