Saturday, April 21, 2012

Raffi Torres Suspension Announced

The league office has announced that Coyotes F Raffi Torrres has been suspended 25 games for the hit that caused Marian Hossa to leave in a stretcher.
Below is the hit that caused the suspension:
Here is also the Shanahan explanation of the hit:

In the video explanation, Shanahan states that "Torres launched himself to deliver a late, direct hit to the head of Chicago forward Marian Hossa. After the puck is poked off Hossa's stick, he turns towards the middle of the ice. As Hossa turns to recover the looks puck ... it is clear (Torres) sees t hat Hossa is no longer in possession of the puck because Torres takes a one-handed swipe at it with his sticks. Torres then leaps into the air and drives his left shoulder into Hossa's head. This is a violation of three NHL rules: interferece, charging and illegal check to the head.

This is the third time Torres has been suspended by the NHL in the last 13 months and Shananhan acknowledges that Torres's previous suspension history played a factor into the length of the ban.

His previous suspensions included 4 games in April of last year for an illegal hit on the Edmonton Oiler's Jordan Eberle; he was also fined $2500 for elbowing the Colorado Avalanche's Jan Hedja on December 29; and he was suspended for 2 games on December 31 for another illegal hit on the Minnesota Wild'sNate Prosser. Torres also had an illegal hit on Chicago's defenceman Brent Seabrook that drew no suspension, much to the surprise of everyone.