Friday, February 17, 2012

Hal Gill traded.

Hal Gill of the Montreal Canadiens has been traded to the Nashville Predators along with a conditional fifth round pick (2013). In return, the Nashville Predators have given up Robert Slaney, Blake Geoffrion, and a second round pick (2012).

Analysis to come.

Kyle: Canadiens because Gill is really only good for 1-2 more seasons. They also get Geoffrien, Slaney and the second round pick. In the end, Nashville must've been very desperate to obtain Gill because they gave up a lot to acquire him.
Wexler: Preds because bringing in Gill adds to there already tough defense. They are going into the playoffs with one of the strongest and underrated defense in the league and adding Gill makes their defense a lot  stronger.

Jack Johnson Rumors

Jack Johnson's name has been coming up in a lot of trade talks lately. The Kings are throwing his name out there as trade bait to hopefully bring in a 1st line Forward. Iv'e heard many rumors about a Nash for Johnson 1 for 1 deal but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

Right now Jack Johnson is Los Angels's #2 Defenseman only behind Drew Doughty.
Johnson has 6 more years on his contract paying 4.4m per year.