Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Special: Nashville Predators

Team Wishlist: Someone who can score goals. Period. When your top goal getter has 8. and is ranked 103rd in goals in the NHL. You need goal scorers. Not saying thats bad when you have 6 guys who have 8 goals but you need someone to be getting at least 10 or 11 by now right?

Christmas Special: Montreal Canadiens

Team Wishlist: Andrei Markov to have a robotic knee. Markov is a GREAT player.  When he's healthy. That's the important thing. When was the last time he played 82 games was 2007-2008. Before that, never. Besides 2007-2008 he's never played a full 82 games in the NHL. His knee keeps on getting injured... Heck he's so good he could play for Team Canada. But. He gets injured too much.
Dear Santa, Can Andrei Markov have a robotic knee for Christmas?


Kyle Turris for David Rundblad and a second round pick.
Turris had been the talk of trades all season since he signed the deal. Now he has signed the contract and he has been dealt away.
As always, the talent analysis:
David Rundbland: First Line potential who should reach it. Worse comes to worse. He's a second line guy.
Kyle Turris: First Line to Elite Potential who should reach it as well. Worse comes to worse. He's a second to first line guy.