Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Special: Phoenix Coyotes

Team Wishlist: Have an actual owner aka not NHL and move to a city where they make money. The team is losing money like there's no freaking tomorrow. NHL is supporting them while they lose money. No one really goes to the game. I bet you there could be a dirty laundry convention at Jobing.com Arena and there would be more viewers there than at a Yotes game. Why does NHL try to lose money there. You know instead of losing money there they could just give the fans some money. I mean it's like throwing money away ,so why not just give it away. It could probably count as a charity and be tax exempt. See I just saved the NHL money. I should be the NHL's accountant. Oh wait that's a stressful job. Trying to convince Gary Bettman that Phoenix is losing money is like telling a dead cat that it's dead. It's stupid, won't make sense and is the obvious.

Christmas Special: Philadelphia Flyers

Team Wishlist: Ilya Bryzgalov to play like the $5.67 Million player he is. He's signed there till he's 40. They freaking traded away Jeff Carter and Mike Richards to sign him! Yet he's under performing. To his defense so are Carter and Richards... Bryz (yes we're calling him that. his name is too long to type) is a great goalie, but he only plays well where there's enough parks.