Friday, March 23, 2012

NHLPA Files Greivance

The NHLPA has officialy filed a greivance on behalf of Oilers forward Ben Eager. On November 26th the Edmonton Oilers were at Vancouver in a game against the Vancouver Canucks. During the game, Eager was assesed a penalty. As he sat down in the box. He slashed his stick at the box in anger. During that slash, he unfortunately smashed an HD Camera broken. Canucks' management was not happy obviously and demanded that the Oilers pay for the new camera. In return, the Oilers docked $13,000 (the said price of the camera) from Eager's $1 Million dollar contract.

The greivance was not filed because the NHLPA thinks the teams should pay for the camera, but instead the price of $13,000 is in dispute. For example, a question in dispute is who says the camera is worth $13,000 and not $10,000?

A greivance hearing has not been scheduled yet.

Video of the incident: