Monday, March 26, 2012

Best of the Season: Save

Next part of the series, sorry for the delay folks. Without further to do! Best Save of the season!


This is the save of the year in my opinion. Rinne stretches out past splits and uses his glove to rob him. The glove save itself a nasty save that is highlight worthy. But the diving?? I can't do that even on NHL 12. Trust me, I've tried. He's done something not even a video game charcter can do and in the games they often overstretch the abilities. The Blues get an interference call too. Just simply amazing.

Kyle: Carey Price makes 2 huge saves to preserve the shutout during the third period. He robs Antti Miettinen with his glove and t hen he robs him again as a desperation save and is able to hold onto the puck for the whistle


This save is completely crazy. The pens are shorthanded and turn over the puck at their blue line. Hanzal's on a partial break away when fleury just dives in front of him and stones him. Even his own defender, Niskanen is surprised and trips over fleury. Fleury is an amazing acrobatic goalie. all you have to do is watch the recap of that game and you'll see how many crazy saves he does