Saturday, January 7, 2012

NHLPA Realignment Rejection

Yesterday, the NHLPA rejected the proposal that was put forward to split the league up into four conferences. Instead, they would prefer if the league stayed the same. Here are some reactions that have been shown since the rejection:

NHL: Obviously, they'd be disappointed that the proposal wasn't agreed on.

NHL Accountant: They have to be beside themselves right now. This move would have been a great move economically with the amount of money spent on airfare being dramatically because you don't have those expensive flights from Columbus to LA as often.

NHL Board of Directors: Reaction from Jimmy Devellano was interesting. He was visibly upset and disappointed as well. He serves as the Senior Vice President of the Detroit Red Wings. His main complain was that teams in the middle like Detroit has to travel to places like LA, Vancouver, Phoenix twice a year and it is tough on his players. Games would be finished at 1 A.M. Detroit time and the players would be exhausted.

NHL Players: They're disappointed, they vouched for this because of the easier schedule and the less travelling. The teams in the middle like St. Louis, Columbus, Detroit, the players overwhelmingly wanted this realignment to go through.

NHLPA: Ah the most important people, NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr released a statement explaining why the NHLPA did not approve the change, " Two substantial Player concerns emerged: (1) whether the new structure would result in increased and more onerous travel; and (2) the disparity in chances of making the playoffs between the smaller and larger divisions." 

Fans: Fans in the central areas were hoping this would go  through so fans don't have to stay up till midnight or 1 AM just to watch a game.

Blogger: Dammit, so close, I was hoping to see the sponsorship for the conference names, Apple Conference, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Conference, and Blackberry Conference because you know RIM likes to put their name in everything...