Sunday, May 6, 2012

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TwoBoredTeens Team!

Who wins the Cup?

As the season's dwindilng down and the amount of teams left to chase Lord Stanley's mug is going down, who do you think will win the Cup?

Here are your choices:
LA Kings
Nashville Predators
Phoenix Coyotes
Philadelphia Flyers
New Jersey Devils
Washington Capitals
New York Rangers

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Rick Dudley moving to Montreal?

There are reports that Habs GM Marc Bergevin is in talks with Leafs GM Brian Burke about moving Leafs Assistant GM Rick Dudley to the Habs. The Leafs prefer that Dudley stay on till after the draft instead of before the draft. To the Leafs fans, don't expect anything in return. The NHL does not allow compensation for front office personnel leaving for other teams.

More to come.
2:21 @JoshRimerHockey is reporting that Rick Dudley will be named Asst. GM of the Montreal Canadiens tomorrow.
6:27 @HockeyInsiderr is reporting that Dudley will be named AFTER the draft...
The general consensus i'm getting is that Dudley will be moving to the Habs.

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