Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Leafs and Bobby Ryan. Sabres and Blue Jackets to come soon!

Recently, a big name on the trading block has been Duck's Bobby Ryan. This has been big because there hasn't been such a big name on the trading block since let's say Dany Heatley. But if the difference is Dany Heatley's problem was that he was unhappy playing in Ottawa. In this scenario, Bobby Ryan is HAPPY in Anaheim and it according to people, Ducks management isn’t "giving up" but that it's a money issue. I'm not too sure what it's meant, but it has become a full on battle for the talented winger.

Anaheim sees this opportunity and knows it. They would prefer to trade him to the east because they wouldn’t have to face him. It just comes to show how good of a player he is. His old team doesn't want to face him because he's such a dominant player. 

Toronto, Columbus, and Buffalo are said to be the top teams looking for his service.
Toronto has a history with Anaheim management wise. If you remember, Burke was from Anaheim and has done numerous trades with them before. It would be a smart deal for Toronto but who would the Leafs have to give up for him? The starting price would have to be a young defenseman, such as Luke Schenn or Cody Franson a young guy like Kadri, and a 2012 First Round Draft Pick. Is this a smart idea? Personally, I think yes it is completely worth it. Luke Schenn OR Cody Franson, not both. If one gets traded away we have the other to take their spot. Kadri hasn't done well this year and his time is ticking. If he hasn't improved this year you'd have to think he's not going to be the player Burke drafted him to be.  The last thing is a 2012 First Round Draft Pick. Under any circumstances I don't like the trading of a first round pick. First Round Picks usually end up at least an average player. However, this is different. The Leafs are doing pretty well so the pick I’d have to think it'd be a mid-level pick. Bobby Ryan was a second overall pick. He was behind a guy named Sidney Crosby (turned out to be pretty good eh?) So if it wasn't for once in a decade player like him, Ryan would be the first overall pick.  So a young defenseman that we have many of, a failing prospect and a draft pick we have a few of. So we're trading our extras and a failing prospect for an established TOP SIX player that we desire so badly. What would you do if you were the Leafs? COMMENT BELOW!