Monday, December 5, 2011

Jordin Tootoo. Vicious or Accidental?

The first game back for Ryan Miller since the concussion caused by Milan Lucic hitting him and Jordin Tootoo of the Nashville Predators is going in on him to get ready to score. In the last second Christian Erhoff is closing in on him. To some it looks like Erhoff pushes him at the last second, to some it looks like he's getting ready to hit him. He gets in and pushes him. Luckily, Paul Gaustad is on the ice and doesn't need to spend a week and a half getting ready to get revenge. He tries to jump on Tootoo, but before that happens Ryan Miller is already on the case punching him in the face (was I the only one who thought the punch from Miller looks like Bertuzzi punching Steve Moore? Not saying it was as devastating but the first initial punch looks pretty close... Too close for my comfort.). Eventually everyone dog piles each other the dog piles opens up with the hugs and Gaustad and Tootoo are still pushing.

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