Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Special: Phoenix Coyotes

Team Wishlist: Have an actual owner aka not NHL and move to a city where they make money. The team is losing money like there's no freaking tomorrow. NHL is supporting them while they lose money. No one really goes to the game. I bet you there could be a dirty laundry convention at Jobing.com Arena and there would be more viewers there than at a Yotes game. Why does NHL try to lose money there. You know instead of losing money there they could just give the fans some money. I mean it's like throwing money away ,so why not just give it away. It could probably count as a charity and be tax exempt. See I just saved the NHL money. I should be the NHL's accountant. Oh wait that's a stressful job. Trying to convince Gary Bettman that Phoenix is losing money is like telling a dead cat that it's dead. It's stupid, won't make sense and is the obvious.

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