Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Leafs, Ducks Trade!

Breaking: Luca Caputi has been traded to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Nicolas Deschamps.

Both players have been disappointing after being drafted at such a high spot. Even though Caputi was drafted in the fourth round, he was drafted before players such as Keith Aulie, and Jamie Benn. Maybe you consider them late round gems, but consider this. Caputi was considered a 40th overall pick by some scouts. They claimed that he was a great package of both size and skill possessing a long reach, but he managed to drop into the 4th round. Teams passed on him due to his inconsistent play of edge and skill with a lack of effective hitting. He has the making of a power forward ,but will need to improve on his skating speed. At best, he projects to be a third liner on a good team, second liner at a bad team.

Nicolas Deschamps was drafted in the second round by the Anaheim Ducks. 35th overall, he was drafted ahead of players like Roman Josi, Patrice Cormier, Luke Adam, and Derek Stepan. He has the making of a good offensive center. He has shown that he is a good offensive threat in juniors where he racked up 38 goals and 96 assists in one year.  He projects to be a second line center, but many scouts do not expect him to live up to his potential.  They expect him to be an emergency NHL'er at best.

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