Thursday, January 12, 2012

Leafs Rumor Update

Yesterday we talked about a Schenn for Schenn deal and how we doubted such a deal would happen. We can confirm that the Leafs would not be intrested in such a deal. My source suggested maybe a player like James Van Riemsdyk instead. Now Hockey Break (@hockeybreak) seems to be in complete agreement..

Would you like to see such a trade happen? Comment Below!


  1. If we get JVR, I give up on the Leafs.

  2. they need more left hand shooters as well as a top 6 forward which van riemsdyk fits. Its better if they make that trade. But if the leafs dont get vans reimsdyk, I think that they should go for someone such as Paul statsny, another left handed shooter and a top 6 forward. One of those 2 players. However, if they were to go big and go for someone like Bobby Ryan, they would have to give up more players such as schenn and kadri, or someone else. But chances are leafs will either go for vans reimsdyk, or statsny if Philly rejects offer

    1. what a retard. Leafs have lupul, kulimen, grabvoski and macarthur in their top 6. and you say that we need more left handed shooters...

  3. But will it be worth it? My analysis is that Luke Schenn will be a first line defenseman with potential of being all star maybe. But JVR I dont really see him being an all star. First liner? Definately. However, Statsny is intresting. He's really good ,but he's often injured and I don't think he's only worth a Luke Schenn..