Friday, January 27, 2012


Here at Two Bored Teens we love to break trades to you. Here we go!


Chicago Blackhawks acquire:
C Brendan Morrison

Analysis: Morrison is a good veteran center that can play on the second line. GM Stan Bowman has been looking for this type of player for a long time. He is on pace for 22 points.

Calgary Flames acquire:
D Brian Connelly

Analysis: Good fast defenseman. He is a good offensive defenseman that could play in the NHL right now if he wanted to. Needs to get stronger. Reminds me a lot of a smaller Jay Bouwmeester.

9:06 Lots of rumblings saying this is just a small deal before it gets intense.

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  1. IMO saying that Morrison is a second liner is over valuing him. He is a solid 3rd liner.