Saturday, February 25, 2012

3 overrated and 3 underrated players on the block

With the trade deadline approaching, we take a look at the top 5 overrated players and the top 5 underrated players on the trading block this year.

3 Overrated Players

1. Sam Gagner, C  Edmonton Oilers
   He's been getting so many hype ever since he had that crazy 8 point night against Chicago. Even though he's been on a good run, he's overrated because he hasn't been consistence offensively.

2. Rick Nash, LW  Colombus Blue Jackets
    Because he is an all-star and an Olympian, many people think he is the best player out there. He does have size and skill that make him attractive but he is having a terrible season right now. He didn't contribute much in the olympics. they tried him on the first line but he failed and ended up on the fourth line.

3. Derek Roy, C   Buffalo Sabres
    Roy isn't a bad player but he is not worth that much. He puts up god numbers but his playoff performances are sup-par. If you want to make the playoffs and have a deep run, he's not your guy.

3 Underrated Players

1. Ray Whitney, LW   Phoenix Coyotes
    The desert is known to always hide players. Ray Whitney has quielty been piling up points and at 39 years of age, he's leading the Coyotes in points. He won a cup with the Canes so he has the experience and the veteran leadership.

2. Ryan Suter, D    Nashville Predators
    Shea Weber has been given much credit for the extremely strong defensive game of the Preds. weber's defensive pair has also been a strong leader both on and off the ice. The Preds must have been really happy when they drafted those two in the 2003 draft (Suter was drated 5th, weber was drated 49th)

3. Lubminor Visnovsky, D    Anahiem Ducks
    Visnovsky has always been a terrific puck-moving defensemen. When he started out with the Kings, LA basically tried to cover the existence of him until he started producing too much to not get noticed. Last year, he led defensmen in points. Need I say more?

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