Sunday, March 4, 2012

Opinion Piece: Should NHL teams stop the affiliation with AHL teams?

5 years ago, when teams wanted to place a player in to the minors, only one team was to get them, the one they have a minor league affiliation with. However, nowadays, even though there are still contracts with affiliates, it seems like it doesn't matter anymore. Just the other day, the San Jose sent goalie Alex Stalock to Peoria, even though the Sharks are affiliated with Worchester Sharks. Does it even matter now? I feel that if NHL teams can freely assign players to any AHL would be largely beneficial to the development of players. Teams will assign their players to weaker teams so their players will get more playing time. There will be a parity amongst teams. It makes every game that much more competitive. Isn't that what the league, teams, players, and agents want? The best for the players. Just scrap the affiliation, let any teams assign anywhere.

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