Friday, March 9, 2012

Radulov back in the NHL?

There is lots of talk that Alexander Radulov may return to the NHL. He still has one more year in his entry level deal. In the last four seasons in Ufa Salavat Yulayev of the KHL, he has consistently scored well. In 210 games over four seasons, he has sccored 91 goals and 163 assists, good for 254 points. That's good for 1.02 points per game. The main problem for the Predators is that when the Predators try to give him a contract offer, his KHL team gives him more money to lure him to stay.

This is where it gets interesting, unlike most players, he would not have to go through waivers and would join the Predators immediately if he decides to go back to the NHL. Do you think this is a fair exemption for him? It is widely known that if a player of his caliber will be picked up on waivers if he is brought over.

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