Friday, March 2, 2012

Top 3 Goaltender Tandems

Goalies are what stand between you and the cup. They have to have the clutch to close out game and can bounce back from bad goals. But your backup goalie has to be just as good. when your starter gets injured, you're thrust into the spotlight and you have to play well or you'll get it from the fans (Toronto....). Here's my top three goalie tandems in the NHL right now.

3. Tim Thomas and Tuuku Rask.

    These guys are the main reasons why the Bruins have become such a competitive team for the past few years. There both acrobatic goalies who rely on their reflexes and its helping out their team (2ND in conference) and the sports highlighters. Their combined GAA is 2.14 and their S% is 0.929. They compliment each other because every time one of them has a bad year, the other guy steps up and plays wonderfully. 

2. Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliot

    Out of nowhere, these two goalies have proven themselves to be top NHLers after not having their best year previously. They use to be rivals back when they were in the NorthEast division and now they are leading the league in least goals against. Brian Elliot was just a quick backup pickup and now the two share time, playing with similar statistics. Sucks to be in the St Louis goalie system because not much of a chance yoou'll be playing in the big team in St. Louis. (Ben Bishop's gone, Benjamin Conz still there, jake Allen)

1. Henrik Lundqvist and Martin Biron

     there's no competition that these two are the main reason why the rangers sit at the top of the table in the east. Martin Biron is a reliable back up after many years as a starter and showing that he's making his last run as he nears the end of his career. They've only lost 15 times the entire season and they sit near the top of every statistic group. henrik Lundqvist has the Vezina wrapped in his hand and possibly the hart if he continues to play that well. 

Think that there was a goalie tandem missing. Comment Below!

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