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Kyle and I will have live posts during the draft lottery so keep on refreshing for the latest news! Just a quick note though, don't be too mad if we double post. Could happen...

8:02 just a reminder. Even if a non playoff team not in the bottom 5 team wins the lottery, they cant get the first pick.

Columbus Blue Jackets: 48.2%
Edmonton Oilers 18.2%
Montreal Canadiens 14.2%
New York Islanders 10.7%
Toronto Maple Leafs 8.1%

If these teams win, they can move up a maximum of four spots up the ranking:
Anaheim Ducks 6.2%
Minnesota Wild 4.7%
Carolina Hurricanes 3.6%
Winnipeg Jets 2.7%
Tampa Bay Lighting 2.1%
Colorado Avalanche* 1.5%
Buffalo Sabres 1.1%
Dallas Stars 0.8%
Calgary Flames 0.5%

8:05 Just a quick thought. Burke looks very uhhh messy?

8:17 Here we go.
5 pick. Toronto Maple Leafs.
4 pick. New York Islanders.
3 pick. Montreal Canadiens
2 pick. Columbus Blue Jackets
1 pick. Edmonton Oilers.

Edmonton with the third first overall pick.
Congratulations Edmonton!

After the results have been shown, this the mock draft we got:

1. Edmonton Oilers
Alson: I don't see the Oilers keeping this pick because they are so overloaded on forward talent, but the consensus first overall pick is Nail Yakupov. However, watch for Ryan Murray to maybe sneak in to first if the Oilers are that desperate for D.
Kyle: I believe this pick will either get traded in a blockbuster deal or they will select Ryan Murray. Edmonton desperately needs some proven NHL players or a future all star defenceman.
Wexler: Two options for the Oilers:
1) Trade the pick for a young NHL defenseman plus another pick. I can see them going after players like; Luke Schenn, John Carlson, Michael Del Zotto, and Zach Bogosian
2) Keep the pick and Draft Yakopov!!! He's a very flexible player able to play both wings!!! He can also help out the Oilers under-average Power Play.
Geoffrey: I agree that the Oilers might move the pick because they really don't need more forwards. They might move their pick for a top 10 pick and maybe a good defensemen and then use the pick acquired to get another defensemen.

2. Columbus Blue Jackets
Alson: Look, if the Oilers actually get Murray, Yakupov is the no brainer here. But if he is picked, I see Grigorenko getting picked here. Big Center, that can maybe with Rick Nash one day.
Kyle: If the aforementioned first pick stays with Edmonton and they pick Murray, Yakupov will definitely go to CBJ. If not, I agree with Alson and they would pick Grigorenko to compliment Nash.
Wexler: Will go ahead and draft Grigorenko.... solid player to start a rebuilding process with.
Geoffrey: The highest centre available, so probably either Yakupov or Girgorenko. However, I feel that Nash won't be staying in Colombus so they might get another top pick (Toronto's?)

3. Montreal Canadiens
Alson: Fillip Forsberg completely dominating his own age group in Sweden. It will be interesting what how he reacts to playing with such elite talent.
Kyle: Grigorenko or Forsberg because the Canadiens still do not have many big guys on their team.
Wexler: Montreal is going to draft Foresberg because of the fact they need better improvements on their wings (from Gomez to Forsberg)
Geoffrey: A big forward. Plekanac is 5-11 and Gionta's like the shortest guy in the league. You got to have some size on your team if you want to compete, especially against division rivals like Boston.

4. New York Islanders
Alson: Ryan Murray. With Tavares and Niederreiter in the front, they can focus on their back end. Ryan Murray in my opinion, is a NHL ready D Man that can significantly help the Islanders next year.
Kyle: The best defenceman available, hopefully Murray because the Islanders only have Mark Streit as their legit offensive defenceman.
Wexler: RYAN MURRY!!!  With all the aged defenseman on their team they need a new, younger d-man to help control the blue line.
Geoffrey: Matthew Dumba because I don't think he will be available for the Islanders. The Isles have great forwards like Moulson, Tavares, Grabner and Niederreiter to name a few. The only defensemen prospect I can think the Islanders have is Calvin De Haan, who was the seventh defensemen for Team Canada a while back

5. Toronto Maple Leafs
Alson: Alex Galchenyuk is the big power, truculent, first line center Brian Burke drools about.When he is NHL ready, which I expect maximum one year from now,
Kyle: The best center available because the Leafs have been searching for it for the past few years and the trade and free agent market just hasn't worked out.
Wexler: The top forward available whether it be Grigorenko or Forsberg... (hopefully they will be available)
Geoffrey: Burke will probably draft the biggest forward out there or he might trade this pick for an NHL caliabre forward. If Burke wants to pull off the big trade, the pick with other assets might go to colombus for nash because colombus would be in the perfect spot for rebuilding

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