Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Julien Brisebois and Vincent Damphousse Isn't Interested In Habs GM Position

Talks out of Montreal's RDS are saying that once preferred Habs GM candidate Julien Brisebois is no longer interested in the GM job. The assistant GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning would have passed on the offer if he was offered the job of being the next General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens. With Brisebois out of the picture, the next top candidate is apparently Vincent Damphousse. No word on the coach right now except for maybe Patrick Roy.

However, I feel that this situation will be cleared up before the Draft and latest June 27th. I feel that whoever the new GM is, he would prefer to draft his own players instead of spending a year. The June 27th deadline is the latest I think any GM would want to go because on July 1st free agency starts and before free agent frenzy starts, most GMs would want a few days to settle down. However, with the chance of a lockout looming, this can change in an instant.

3:33 What I'm hearing right now from around the league is that Geoff Molson has contacted the following:
Claude Loiselle: Toronto Maple Leafs Assistant GM (Apparently the Leafs have granted the Habs permission to talk to him about the job.)
Pat Brisson: NHL Agent. His clients include Sidney Crosby, Daniel Alfredsson, and Claude Giroux. (Considered by many as the best agent available out there by many of the hockey insiders we spoke to.)
Julien Brisebois: Assistant GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning (Apparently not intersted though)
Marc Bergevin: Assistant GM of the Chicago Blackhawks. (Not too sure if the Blackhawks have granted permission to talk to him yet.)
Francois Giguere: Former GM of the Colorado Avalanche. (Is the apparent long shot because he has not been in the front office of any team for a few years now.)
Paul Fenton: Fenton is the Assistant GM of the Nashville Predators. (Not sure if the Predators have granted permission to talk to him yet.

Notables not on the list:
Patrick Roy: Even though he has been rumored for the job, it seems that the coaching job is his to lose and infact he does not seem to intersted to step in to the front office of the Habs, preffering a job behind the bench.
Vincent Damphousse: He has pulled out of the running for the job because family reasons are preventin him. Not too much known right now. But we will try to get you information as we get it, but we really can't give you a specific date or time when we will get new info.

@NHLWiki is saying that the reason why Damphousse has pulled out of the running is that he has an assualt trial that will start in Dec. 2012. I haven't gotten the same story from anyone else though, so i'm not too sure at this time.


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