Friday, June 15, 2012

Lindback Traded.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have gotten their goalie for the future in Andres Lindback. Lindback along with a 7th Round Pick and Kyle Wilson was traded for two 2nd Round Picks, Sebastian Caron, and a 3rd Round Pick. The second round picks come from both Minnesota and Philadelphia.

Quote from Andres Lindback (source: “I’m very excited to now be with the Tampa Bay Lightning. I had some great years with Nashville but I was in a tough spot behind Pekka Rinne. My dream all my life has been to be a number one goalie in the NHL and I think I have a great opportunity to be that in Tampa Bay.”
“I’ve heard great things about the city of Tampa and the Lightning organization. I’m friends with Victor Hedman and he’s told me lots about the team there. I’m thrilled and excited to start next season with the Lightning.”
“It’s going to be great playing on such an offensive team. Obviously, having Steven Stamkos, Vinny and Marty on your team is exciting for anyone. It’s the kind of team I want to be a part of and excited to have this new opportunity ahead of me.”

Alson: I think Nashville wins. Even though Tampa gets their goalie, Nashville gets two second round picks. Before the trade, the Preds had zero picks in the first two rounds. Now they have two. Also, they get a backup goalie back with Sebastien Caron. Lastly, Lindback is a RFA. He will be expecting a pay raise from his $875,000 if he is to be the #1 goalie that most people expect him to be.

Kyle: I say Tampa Bay because Tampa Bay finally gets their number one goalie that they crave so bad. Although Lindback is not very proven since he had limited playing time in Nashville, I believe his size will help his career as a number one goalie.

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