Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Special: Pittsburgh Penguins

Just before we start, we just want to say that this might be a little bias because the author is a huge Penguins fan. Just going to say that so no one freaks out at us for being biased. Huge Marc Andre Fleury fan. The Flower is a freaking beast and the future of Team Canada goalie. Just saying.

Team Wishlist: For Sidney Crosby to come back concussion free. That's all we want because when Crosby is healthy, the team is undefetable. The team is the boss. They are the team to beat. It worries the fan me, that Crosby is injured for so long. My sources tell me that he will be out for the season. Do we need another Marc Savard? Savard had so much promise and so much potential, yet a few concussions later, he's practically done. Do you know how devastated the Canadian Media would be if Crosby retired because of this? This would be the the front page of EVERY newspaper in all of Canada. Could you imagine the headlines? "Canada's golden boy of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics retires due to injuries." People would be crying on the streets, ala  Kim Jong Il. Just youtube Kim Jong Il and injury. You can see. That in Canada? Oh yeah. OK maybe not to that much of extent. But you get the point.

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