Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2013 Winter Classic. Toronto Maple Leafs vs Detroit Red Wings?

Lots of rumors have been circulating about the Wings and the Leafs in next year's Winter Classic. According to Ansar Khan of MLive confirms that the deal with the NHL, Red Wings, and the Leafs have been finalized. I spoke to one of my sources and he has stated that he would be "very suprised" if the Wings and Leafs aren't in next year's Classic. However, Lance Horby of the Toronto Sun makes a very good point. The University of Michigan's stadium doesn't allow alcohol in to the stadium and the beer concessions are often the largest money maker after the ticket sales. This would be perfect for the people of Detroit who have been struggling since the 2008 reccession. This would provide lots of jobs for the people of Detroit and the people of Toronto will flock down to watch this in bunches.


  1. during the winter classic this year, there was talk that the next three winter classics should be detroit, washington and new york when the new baseball stadium's built

  2. New York is not building a new baseball stadium. The current stadium was just opened in 2009. It's impossible that they would build a new one