Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hurricanes and Panthers Trade

Certainly not the bang we were all expecting ,but...

Carolina Hurricanes acquire:
Evgeni Dadonov
A.J. Jenks

Florida Panthers acquire:
Jon Matsumoto
Mattias Lindstrom

9:45 It is being reported right now that Evgeni Dadonov requested the trade.

Evgeni Dadonov: Good winger. Good second line potential. Currently playing in the AHL ,but I fully expect him to play in the NHL next year. Lots of heart. Willing to go dirty in areas, small players like him usually don't. Needs to work on defensive game.

A.J. Jenks: Good Strong power forward. Will need time to develop. Will be a good power forward. Just needs time.

Jon Matsumoto: Good NHL ready third liner. Great eyes. Knows how and where to pass. Can score, but must in more effort.

Mattias Lindstrom: A lot like Tomas Holmstrom. If he works on the right things, he will turn in to one. Extremely physical, with nice HockeyIQ. Needs to work on speed. I see him as a third liner.

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