Wednesday, January 25, 2012

John Michael Liles signs a four year extension.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are expected to announce the re-signing of defenseman John Michael Liles. He is currently out with a concussion. I expect the amount of money to be a bit lower than it is right now ($4.2 Million). The risk is that after a concussion it's just really unpredictable (See Sidney Crosby). Another worry is the abundance of defenseman the Leafs have (Percy, Blacker, Franson, Holzer, Gardiner). What will they be doing? Last worry. It is widely believed that if Liles was re-signed Mikhail Grabovski would not be re-signed. The trade market for him is going to insane for him.

Our bias: Not a good trade.

12:19: Annouced, 4 year $15.5Million
12:44 $3.875 Million per year.

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  1. Grabo is a great player. He has the chemistry with Kulimen and is hard-working. He should resign but he does have a lot of trade value.