Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Traffic in Toronto?

The Leafs are in a good spot right now. They're ninth right now in the Eastern Conference and look like they can make the surge into the playoffs after early offseasons for the past few years. With the recent signing of Liles, their defensive corps is loaded for the next few while. They have like 5 defensive prospects coming up so some of them have to go. With the Leafs in need for some better quality at certain positions (goaltending), they could make some trades in the near future.

Also, there seems to be traffic down centre too Tim Connolly hasn't been playing up to par (he's on the third line) and they still need to sign Grabo. Steckel is playing great as a checking forward and Lombardi might have actually been the steal in that Nashville trade with some timely goals. Burke is still in love with Kadri so one of thems gonna go

Comment below on who do you think is staying in T.O. and whose taking the next flight out

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