Saturday, March 31, 2012

NHL Award Predictions.

From the team here, we just decided to choose the players we think deserve the following awards:

Hart Memorial Trophy:
Alson: My pick will be a surprise to a lot of people, but it goes for Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers gets my pick. After the trade of Richards and Carter, many people predicted that the Flyers would have horrible scoring, but he has done well offensively. To put it in perspective, Bryzgalov has had an "alright" year and with the Pronger out indefinitely, he has stepped up as well and deserves this award more than players like Lundqvist and Malkin.
Ronnie: I think its going to be probably Malkin because he's been carrying the team on his back for like forever.
Geoffrey: Got to go with Evgeni Malkin. The past few years, the leading goal scorer or points leader normally gets it. Giroux had a good year but Malkin has been more dazzling, especially after the injury to Crosby. Lundqvist has some chance but he'll really need to tear up the league. He already has an award most likely, the Vezina.
Kyle: Malkin because he stepped up during Crosby's absence and basically led his team to where they are today. Now that Crosby is back, I expect Malkin's pace to slow down but nonetheless congrats to him for what he has done this season.

Norris Memorial Trophy:
Alson: Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators gets my pick. He has the 7th most points in the league. Even though he is gifted offensively, he is also defensively gifted as well. He is a +18 and has only 42 penalty minutes all season.
Ronnie: Shae Weber is amazing.
Geoffrey: Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators obviously. If you used the number of points he's leading by for defensemen, you get another perfectly good defensemen. He's really one of the reasons why the Sens aren't last in the conference as they were predicted to be at the start of the year.
Kyle: There's really only one winner for this and its Erik Karlsson. He is one of the main reasons for Ottawa's resurgence this season. He improved his defence drastically (went from a very bad minus to positive this season) and is the future cornerstone of the franchise.

Jack Adams Award:
Alson: Ken Hitchcock of the St. Louis Blues. No one would have expected the Blues to be this good going into the playoffs. He has done tremendously well and this award, should be a no-brainer for him.
Ronnie: Ken hitchcock of the St. Louis Blues. Its a surprise that there doing so well.
Geoffrey: Barry Trotz of the Nashville Predators. He's been coaching the Preds ever since they entered the NHL and they have come a long way. They have by far one of the youngest teams in the league yet they all play like their veterans. His team has been consistenly been getting 100 points for the past few year and this year is no different. The reason why I choose him is because he keeps his team focus even though there are major UFA (Ryan Suter) and RFA (Shea Weber) on their team. His roster has changed so many times yet he makes sure his team always has a chance to win.
Kyle: Ken Hitchcock because he changed the Blues into one of the top teams in the Western Conference. People didn't believe he was good and that the Blues would finish out of the playoffs but look at them now. On the verge of the President's trophy. Congrats to the Blues and good luck in the playoffs!

Calder Memorial Trophy:
Alson: Gabriel Landeskog of the Colorade Avalanches. It would have been Ryan Nugent-Hopkins but his injuries have hampered his chances. Landeskog has had 22 goals and 29 assists in 80 games. He has been Mr. Durable this year him dressing in all 80 games this year.
Ronnie: I don't like the rookies.
Geoffrey: Gabriel Landeskog of the Colorado Avalanches. Not only has he been putting up numbers, he knows his defensive responsibilities. Most rookies struggle in their own end normally but landeskog has shown none of it. He is the leader in plus/minus for the Avs which shows what a great future for the #2 pick last year.
Kyle: I can't decide this because there are so many good rookies this year! Landeskog, Matt Read, RNH are all great rookies who will be future NHL superstars.

Vezina Trophy:
Alson: Jon Quick will be my choice. I know many of you will disagree and think that King Henrik deserves this award, but don't forget what kind of players King Henrik has in front of him. Quick is a top 10 leader in all the categories and is one of the main reasons why the Kings are in a playoff seed.
Ronnie: Pekka Rine has the most wins. Enough said.
Geoffrey: Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers. He has pushed his team to first in the Eastern conference and has been amazing in net. Competing in one of the toughest divisions this year, he has simply outperformed every other goalie out there. The fact that the Lundqvist has yet to let in 5 goals this year is completely crazy.
Kyle: Henrik Lundqvist because He stepped his game up from last season and is the main reason why the Rangers are first in the Eastern Conference. Some could say that the success of the Rangers could be allocated to the acquisition of Brad Richards but the main reason is because of Lundqvist and his amazing goaltending.

Selke Trophy:
Alson: Datsyuk. Every year he has no problem doing well. This year is no different. He's a solid three zone player. One of the best in the world. Plays D well and has a great +/- to back it up.
Geoffrey: I think Datsuyk is going to have a run for his money. Patrice Bergeron is my pick this year because he has truly been the all around player for the Bruins this year, especially after the lost of centremens like Horton and Peverley. He's great on the powerplay and the penalty kill and is on one of the hottest lines in the league. He knows his defensive responsibility, evident in his plus-minus which makes him a great two way player. There's a reason why Bergeron was picked for the 2010 Canadian Olympic team over Stamkos.



  1. Uh, you guys left out the Selke.

    1. thank you for letting us know. we've now added the selke trophy predictions